Poetry I’ve Written

“A Delicate Flower”

written by Domina Arria Marina, May 2016
based on her experiences in the Outlands, July 2015

Gather around, for a saga will be heard
Of a traveler’s woes reported in word.
If you dare accost a fair noble at night
Be ye warned: Atlantian ladies will fight!

Fair Lady Frida, enjoying her day
When five Dragon Fighters happened her way.
They boasted about how they were fierce and strong.
Then they joined us by the fire to hear our songs.

The Mead was passed ’round as the fire did burn
Stories were told by each person in turn.
The hour grew late, and Frida did retire.
She bade them all good night as she left the fire.

The Dragon Fighters tried to keep up with all,
But soon they were drunk, and they began to fall.
As the boasting and booze came to an end
They shuffled to their tent, carrying a friend.

Alas, they stumbled and one fell to the ground.
He landed on Frida in a heavy mound.
Startled,  she awoke! “Get off me!” she cried.
Yet despite her screams, he just rolled to the side.

Frida pushed and shoved until the man moaned
He began to sweat, and he let out a groan.
With a heave and a ho, he threw up his rum…
But he did not stop there, oh he was not done!

He groped her body from her ankles to her chin,
He rose from the ground, stood up tall, and then…
He unlaced his pants, and he pissed on her head.
Enraged, Frida shouted,  “Oh Odin! No! You’re dead!”

Out of the tent, she grabbed the first thing in sight
This two-stick Shieldmaiden was ready to fight!
The five drunken lechers cowered as she spoke
Fearing the Beserker that they just awoke.

With wraps and flat snaps and a few face thrusts
The five Dragon Fighters were soon in the dust.
With both swords swinging, they fell to her power
while she shouted: “I’m a LADY! I’m a delicate FLOWER!”

It was at this time that the White Belts near by
Came to observe the thrashing of these guys.
“Why do you not help me?” Frida declared,
The Knights answered, “Dear Valkyrie, you have US all scared!”

The moral of this saga on this day told…
Atlantian ladies are brave and bold.
If you dare accost a fair noble at night
Be ye warned: Atlantian ladies will fight!



The Valkyrie Song

Written September 10, 2011, for War of the Wings VI
By Frida in harfagra




Fortune a Lady Be

By Fríða Hárfagra

In Honor of the Coronation of Bryan and Brianna
The Second of October, Two Thousand Ten
(An extension of Chaucer’s The Monk’s Tale, per the competition requirements)

Gather ye round and list to this tale
The tragic ends of great and fearsome men
Who beat their chests to prove that they be males
Who careth not what Lady they offend.
Ah, let me start where this tale doth begin:
The Alpha, the Dawn, the creation of time
The very first man, Paradise his den.
The lesson’ll be taught by the end of this rhyme.

T’was this man Adam whom Divine didst make,
And out from his rib a woman was drawn.
Giveth the reign of all he could partake,
He toyed with Eve on the grassy green lawn
She he didst tease, seduce, flatter and fawn,
But he failed to please the Lady despite all.
His arrogance repaid with the coming dawn:
Eve ate of the Fruit, causing his Great Fall.

Once more didst God’s favor on man occur.
The angels didst sing of his strength and might,
But Samson, his mighty feats all a blur,
Treated Delilah quite bawdy at night.
She he didst tease, seduce, flatter and fright,
So she lopped off his hair to weaken her mate,
Gave him to rivals, never once contrite:
Blinded, imprisoned and left to his fate.

Now to Nebuchadnezzar and Balthazar:
Father and son, two rich and mighty kings,
Whose Maker and Ladies they didst ignore,
They valued treasures more than anything.
She he didst not tease, seduce, flatter and cling,
So she prayed to the Divine to settle this score.
God smote them both while they didst feast and sing:
The kings became asses and ruled no more.

Now ye who list to this poetic tale
Should know well the lessons in which are defined:
The wisest among ye are not those males,
But rather strength lies in all womankind.
Honor thy Lady and seek of her mind,
Trust in her wisdom and in her love,
Follow this advice and all ye shall find
Is years of good fortune with your beloved.