About the Scribe: Arria Marina


Salvete Friends! My name is Arria Marina. I am a noble Roman glass merchant, a Celtic barbarian, and a Gladiatrix (female gladiator) living in 1st century Rome. I’ve also portrayed a Norse woman, Frida in harfagra, and a Hospitaler nun on Crusade, Sister Frida.

I participate in the Society for Creative Anachronism (www.SCA.org). I mostly do arts & sciences with my artwork of fused glass, mosaics, period cooking, encaustic wax painting, jewelry, brewing, scribal, herbal medicine, and anything else I can try. I happily teach anything that I learn too! I am a Marshal (armored and combat archery; in training for thrown weapons), and have been a Chirurgeon (medical staff), Chatelaine (newcomer greeter), Chronicler (newsletter editor), and MoAS (arts & sciences officer). I am an authorized heavy fighter, siege engine operator, combat archer, and thrown weapons champion.

I also participate with a living history reenactment group, Legios VI Ferrata Fidelas Constans (www.legvi.com). Within this organization I display and teach all elements of the civilian life, particularly that of women. I demonstrate Roman mosaics and glass works, encaustic wax paintings, cosmetics and toiletries, hairstyles, clothing, the Vestal Virgins, board games, cooking, leatherwork, and Roman archery. I also perform as a female gladiator, known as a Gladiatrix.

Please feel free to contact me (by leaving a comment on this blog), and I will respond as soon as I can.

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