Roman Hairstyles with Janet Stephens

I am so excited!! In just 2 days I will be attending a free, limited-space hands-on workshop with Hairstyle Archaeologist Janet Stephens, who has become YouTube famous for her tutorials on recreating ancient hairstyles. In 2008, She published her theories as “Ancient Roman Hairdressing: On (hair) pins and needles” in the Journal of Roman Archaeology, Vol. 21.  In 2012 her video Julia Domna: Forensic Hairdressing was presented at the Archaeological Institute of America’s annual meeting in Philadelphia. In 2013 she became the first to recreate the hairstyle of the Roman vestal virgins on a modern person.

This free workshop is being hosted by the Classics Department of the University of Chapel Hill, for just 45 lucky attendees. I can’t wait to report back what I have learned from this exciting opportunity!

You can follow Janet Stephens on YouTube  and  on Facebook.


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