Roman Garb “On the Cheap”

The summer months are upon us, it’s hot outside, and folks want to dress lightly. There are also many Roman-themed parties at Pennsic. I have been doing a lot of teaching, in person and over Facebook. I always start by asking: what is you goal?

I have noticed that most SCA people fall into two categories, with regard to what I’m teaching:

(1) The ones who want to portray historically accurate Greek, Roman, or Celtic


(2) Those that don’t care about historically accurate, but want to be close, while still looking beautiful/sexy/rich/etc.

I don’t find fault with EITHER viewpoint. I love trying out other time periods, and won’t invest a lot of money when I just want a passable outfit.

If you have questions about “Roman on the Cheap” — I CAN HELP!!! Just contact me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Roman Garb “On the Cheap”

  1. Hi, We want to teach a class on hot weather garb. We know a bit about it, but would like some additional tips. Would you mind sharing any?

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